name suppression

Shame on you Messrs ex-All Blacks. Yet another example of NZ’s law being an absolute a#@. Why should a person be able to remain anonymous because of their standing in the community or because of potential damage to their reputation?

Twice this week I have read media articles about famous sporting stars being granted name suppression because of who they are. The first man assaulted his partner while out celebrating our Rugby World Cup success. The second was an assault against a child and reportedly the use of “excessive discipline.”

These are people that our young generation look up to. They are often role models and ambassadors for the good activities that happen in our communities. It is not right that they get to hide behind the law. And if they are not hiding behind the law, they are hiding behind a fancy QC that has been able to argue for name suppression. It is simply wrong! So very very wrong.


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