dining alone

I’ve now got a new routine on Sundays — I have to disappear for an hour so my agent can run the open home. But what to do instead? Shopping is off limits. Everything new I buy increases the cubic square metre volume of what is being shipped to Aussie. The higher the volume, the higher the cost.

So the alternative is lunch and last week I plucked up the courage and dined alone. Yip, I took myself off to my favourite cheap n cheerful Malaysian restaurant. After initially thinking people would stare at me ‘cos I was sitting alone, they didn’t. Infact noone seemed to care at all and I was not the only single diner there.

It gave me some head space to sit back and muse about the past couple of months. It has certainly been a roller coaster journey and it’s not over yet. So I shall keep trucking on and cross everything for a pre-Christmas house sale.

One Response to dining alone

  1. I would have definitely taken a book with me… Dinings alone is all good though. Glad you got some space to mull over your thoughts.

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