country charm/city convenience

If I had to choose, the city would win, but country life does have its charm and we all need a regular dose of peace and tranquillity.

The city never sleeps and even during its darkest hour there is always activity. Sometimes its sirens or jack-hammers, and other times its enthusiastic singing aided by several beers / wines. I find the quietest time is about 5am but even then the stillness is still easily interrupted.

At the other extreme is in the country or ‘real’ rural surroundings. The night time silence must to be experienced to believe it. You can sit gazing up at the stars with only your inner thoughts for company. The mornings are noisy but that’s more because of the dawn chorus as opposed to any rubbish truck or cleaner.

But if I need time out from the world to sit and think, I head for a beach. The regular sound of the waves is a true tonic for the soul.


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