godparent responsibilities

I’m quite excited because in a couple of months I am going to become a Godmother to my dear friend’s first baby. Bumpkin is due February 2012 but I won’t know until the day whether it’s a girl or a boy. In the meantime, while I am not knitting booties and blankets, I thought I should investigate what my new responsibilities are going to be.

Traditionally the godparent’s main duty was to be the child’s spiritual guide; this included introducing them into their chosen faith when they became an adult. Godparents would also attend the baby’s christening or baptism to speak on behalf of the baby.

However times have changed and nowadays being a godparent is more about being a friend, confidant, and unbiased mentor. Someone who will not betray the child’s confidence and run to Mum and Dad every five minutes after a heart-to-heart conversation. He/she will need to get comfortable with Skype quickly 🙂

I am also hoping it will provide the benefits associated with being an Auntie whereby I get to spoil them with lots of pressies. Obviously noise-generating items will be off-limits, as will toys that require hundreds of batteries to make them go.


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