five essential websites

So the question was what five websites can you not live without. It will be interesting to read what others see as their most important, but for me it would be the following

  1. Gmail. It’s predictable but I would be lost without it. Not only is it my primary email account but I also use the Google docs, and the calendar for birthday reminders, lunches/dinners/drinks, bridge commitments, study commitments and assignment deadlines.
  2. Google – Google has been transformed from a noun to a verb and maybe even an adjective. If I want to know, do, or find anything I head for
  3. Flexitime. My recruitment agency’s online time recording system. No entries equal no manager approval equal no weekly pay packet. Simple maths really.
  4. WordPress. Without it I could not maintain my blog. People may question why my posts are so random but it’s tightened up my punctuation, writing ability, and my vocabulary.
  5. Unknown. I have been sitting here for the past few minutes and I cannot come up with #5. I could list heaps that I like but none that “I could not live without.”

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