what goes around, comes around

A long time ago my friend C told me what goes around, comes around. Some religions refer to it as karma, while Matthew 7:12 says do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Whether you are religious or not, there is definitely something behind the intent of these words.

Example One: Dad rings me yesterday with a “guess who I bumped into this morning.” No idea Dad, sorry. Turns out one of his golfing buddies has a son who is the director of a recruitment firm in Brisbane. Dad’s telling his buddy about my pending move and how I am looking for a job. Next minute Dad is noting down the email address and name of the firm so I can send my CV to the son. Then they get onto the topic of bridge and the golfing buddy is bemoaning his bridge partner who is getting too serious and that he needs a new partner. So Dad tells him about my bridge playing journey and it turns out that he plays at the same club in Hendra where I am looking to join.

Example Two: My neighbour downstairs is involved in the church across the road and has been the recipient of many boxes of books and bric a brac from my pre-move downsizing. All proceeds will go towards topping up the fund to replace their church organ. She has been singing the praises [sic] of my apartment at work and one of her colleagues is coming along to the open home today. I think I’ll owe her a wine or dinner if anything comes of that referral.

Little examples maybe, but yet again another reminder that if you put out positive thoughts and actions, some time down the track you will be rewarded as such. So why would you ever want to project negativity, bad manners and grumpiness?


2 Responses to what goes around, comes around

  1. studyingparent says:

    It’s lovely to read about all the positivity surrounding your relocation.

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