dining japanese style

There is something about Japanese cuisine that’s so much more appealing than western style dining. A and I had dinner the other night but me being a total novice left the ordering decisions to him. The only proviso was no red meat.

The way in which the food was presented was in direct contrast to what I am used to. Usually we just get one plate with all the food on it and are left to eat it. Not so the other night and every dish ordered, including my request for hot chilli tofu was amazing. It took two hours to eat our dinner and I got to savour every morsel. The dishes did not arrive at the same time so there was plenty of time to talk and drink our wine between each new offering. I got to enjoy the food using all the senses; not just taste but the texture, smell and presentation as well. It all combined into a memorable dining experience.

What was even more interesting was that I ate considerably less than I usually would if presented with a western-style meal. I didn’t leave the restaurant over-full nor did I question my decision to have dessert. Mmmm… dessert by the way was green tea icecream with a small pancake that looked like a fish. Simple but really yummy.


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