being nice to real estate agents

I’m impatient and once I have made a decision, I just want to get on with it and create some action. Unfortunately at the moment this impatience is being directed at my lovely real estate agent. I’m realistic enough to know that properties are taking a while to sell (average is 43 days in Wellington at the moment), but I wish someone would just ring up and say “I’m a cash buyer, when can I shift in?”

However, I know that’s extremely unlikely to happen so I just have to take deep, calming breaths and trust my agent. He must be used to challenging vendors like me because he never loses his cool. He calmly explains the situation and I just have to accept what he says. The only thing I can do is make sure the apartment is as neat as a pin, clean and tidy 24 x 7. Then those potential buyers who turn up with minimal notice can see it at its best.

It must be up to standard because my friend K visited the other day and her first comment was “blimey and I thought it was tidy before”.


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