freight, charity or rubbish?

I like how things sometimes just fall into place. The latest dilemma in the ‘move to Oz’ has been what to take, and what to throw away. However there is a lot of stuff that is just too good to throw away but I don’t have the time or inclination to sell it online.

My best ideas usually happen when I am having my shower in the morning and this morning was no different. One of the lovely ladies that I work with is involved through her church with integrating new migrants into NZ society.  I have things like surplus blankets, kitchenware, and towels which are too good to throw away. But now I don’t have to because my friend is always on the lookout for donated goods such as these. So no matter how I look at it I win both ways – I save on storage /freight costs and I get to help a new family.

‘A bag a day’ approach is also working well. Each day I have to fill one supermarket bag of rubbish. Having to pay freight based on cubic square metres has forced me to be ruthless when it comes to which possessions are important and precious. An extra big attempt during this past weekend with a glass or two of wine proved very beneficial.


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