finishing the to-do list

Some people like to keep a to-do list; while the rest of the population find the mere thought of creating one akin to dragging their fingernails down a blackboard.

I don’t run a to-do list at home but I definitely do at work. Heaven knows how many things I would forget to do if I didn’t have one. My to-do lists have a finite number of actions but some actions get rolled over to a new list for a new day. For me it’s a result of procrastination and simple unwillingness to do a boring task.

Perhaps by putting it at the top of a new list, it might magically get done. But alas, no. For example creating a stakeholder travel schedule was on my list for two months, tidying up personnel files was there for at least a month, and sorting out financial delegations was closer to two months.

Ticking off items on a to-do list is supposed to create a feeling of accomplishment, however when it’s been there for months, I just feel guilty. But then on the up-side, at least it’s one more tedious, boring job done and out of the way.


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