immigrating to australia

It is possibly one of the bigger decisions I have made but I have decided to immigrate to Australia, Brisbane QLD to be precise. I have only been there twice, enjoyed loved it both times and it ticks all the boxes.

I have always dreamed of living somewhere warm and where cold is anything under 20 degrees. Its spring today and we are aiming for temperatures between 8 & 11 degrees so you can appreciate my need to dream. I could throw away the thermal tops and jackets and spend my all my money on sun dresses and sunscreen.

Of course me being me has written up a list of things to consider and have consulted various friends in Australia. Being Miss Practical I need to know things like how much would it cost to rent an apartment and how reliable is the public transport. The stars must be in alignment as it’s all stacking up in my favour.

Try as I might I cannot find any reason to not shift.  So I am taking the plunge!. My new year will begin in a new country.


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