keeping a secret – finale

Well my partners-in-crime and I managed to maintain the secret and it was one of the few times I have seen my father speechless. After a long and slow trip through Australian’s customs and border security, I got picked up and hid out at the neighbours for a while. Dad’s birthday had already got off to a fine start with him winning a golf ball and a bottle of wine. Not only that – he was also the recipient of the Sandgate Senior Social Golf Club Monthly Medal winner.

He walked through the kitchen into the lounge and came to a dead stop. After several seconds of what can only be described as his best goldfish impression, his first words were “oh my god, it’s my daughter” and promptly burst into tears. He was so pleased to have me there and it was the best birthday present I could have given him.

We had a great bbq the next day. I got to meet all his friends and what a lovely bunch of people they are. And what a variety! A lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, electrician, psychologist, dairy farmer, doctor, and a few academics. It was a brilliant day and I was sad to see it end, but I’m so glad my Dad is surrounded by such a fantastic group of friends.


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