keeping a secret

Some secrets are good, and others you wish you never knew about. I am a good secret-keeper – I think it comes with the job. However, this time it’s my secret; I’m really excited and I really need to tell someone. So I’m going to write it in two parts: pre-event and post-event.

The secret? My dad who lives in Brisbane is turning 70 next week. In true Australian style he will be marking the occasion with a BBQ for him, K and their friends. Although Dad and I catch up up regularly on the phone, turning 70 deserves more than just a birthday card. So I have dusted off the credit card and booked flights to Brisbane for the weekend. Noone knows what I have done, not even my step-mum ‘cos I don’t know if she could keep a secret like this.

My partners-in-crime (Dad & K’s neighbours) are ex-New Zealanders from the Kapiti coast. They have kindly agreed to pick me up from the airport but as Dad leaves for golf early on Friday mornings I will have to wait until morning tea to surprise him. Then perhaps we can go down and surprise K at lunch time…


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