bad customer service

What do you do when you get bad service from a company, but have no choice but to use them? Unfortunately that was the position I found myself in when my Fisher & Paykel dish drawer touch panel went kaput the other day.

The F & P customer care line obligingly logged my request for a technician for 7.00 – 7.30am the next morning. Great I thought…not so great when I was still waiting for him to arrive an hour later. After 17 minutes on the phone to a customer care representative, the best I could get was “Madam, I assure you, you have no job logged”. Really… what about the email and text message confirming my technician’s appointment? In the end I had to disconnect the call and count to ten several times ‘cos I was sort of close to boiling point.

Long story short – the technician arrived the next morning. He had been confused as well because the F & P customer care dispatch team had allocated him with two ‘first appointment of the day’ jobs at opposite ends of the city. He laughed when I mentioned the 7.00am confirmation – “Not likely” he told me, “nothing before 8.30.”


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