even a hint of a smile

I walk to work each day and two things can be guaranteed. First is the people all seem to be in a rush and second is that no one will be smiling.

The rushing, bumping, and odd “oops sorry” in the afternoon can be easily explained as most are running late to catch their train or bus home. But I can’t explain the mornings. Do we really have a city full of people so keen to start their working day that it has to be done at the expense of my ribs?

But bumps aside, it’s the lack of people smiling that’s more noticeable. It reminds me of the scene from The Matrix when Neo is being driven slowly through the city so he can see the people. They are just a whole bunch of people going from Point A to Point B. So now every so often I smile at a random stranger just to see what they’ll do. Sometimes they smile back, but more often they just frown and look away.


2 Responses to even a hint of a smile

  1. studyingparent says:

    It’s the same over here, I think the general state of the world is getting people down. I’ll have to send a virtual smile. (Except I can’t, because images can’t be copy & pasted into comments!) 🙂

  2. kiwiflossnz says:

    The virtual smile arrived just fine! Thanks 🙂

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