a dream realised

I recently had the good fortune to work alongside a delightful young person from the US. She has such a great outlook on life, an extremely infectious laugh, and the ability to instantly brighten the mood in any room.

Sadly, she received some bad news last week about a close friend. Despite that she still came to work smiling and ready to give her job 100 per cent. These type of people are good to have around and when good things happen to them, you know they deserve it.

This lovely lady shifted half way around the world because her career goal was to work for Weta Workshop. She has been temping as an interim measure until “her job” came along. And guess what… it did and Wednesday was her first day working for Weta. She’s started in an entry level position but that has done nothing to dampen her enthusiasm. She is now doing the job and has realised her dream. How great is that!

Luck to you E, you’ll be guaranteed to brighten up even the darkest Weta cave they can create.


One Response to a dream realised

  1. Jann says:

    This is a great story of following your career dreams. I expect her positive outlook and what sounds like a “can do” attitude has played a big part in securing her dream role at Weta !

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