the fickleness of our weather

We had some awful weather last week so after all the southerlies, rain, hail, sleet and snow, I’m pleased to see the sun back today. You may laugh but getting to see the snow was particularly exciting as Wellington has not seen real snow down at sea level since the 1970s.

Ironic I know (since I am typing this) but we seem to have a fascination with the weather. As soon as a big weather event happens, people reach for their keyboard / smart-phone, and the activity on Facebook skyrockets. The upside is that we all get to enjoy the stunning photography that people post.

I can understand the need to know what is happening with the weather. Here if it rains on Saturday, chances are the majority of outdoor sports events get cancelled. If it rains during the week and you are an office worker like me, it has very little impact; but you’d be having a very quiet week if you owned a lawn mowing business.

So I’m crossing my fingers for a few more cloud-less, sun-filled days.


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