foreign phrases to enjoy

Latin is not my preferred language of choice but I was sent a list of 225 foreign phrases meant to inspire me. There were a few I recognised but most I had never heard of. One I did particularly like was Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re. Its direct translation is gently in manner, strongly in deed or in other words “doing what has to be done with unflinching firmness, but in the most inoffensive manner possible.”

I’ll never remember it but after some recent experiences, it got me thinking about how people react to events that hit them from left-field, events or circumstances that they have not anticipated.

People seem to sit in one of two camps. The first camp are the people who react fast, sometimes loud, and with determination. The second camp are those who can relate to the latin phrase above. These are the ones who will give you a considered response but not always immediately. This is great and ensures nobody’s feelings get hurt, but not so good when you need a decision straight away.

But regardless we will try to be in omnia paratus.


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