the global financial crisis

Does creating an acronym make something more serious? Me along with everybody else has been bombarded with the recent media coverage following Standard & Poors downgrade of the US credit rating to AA.

Back in 2008, life was dire for a lot of people; even for those who view life through rose-tinted glasses. It led to a new term – the GFC (global financial crisis – I’m not even sure if I should capitalise it?)  Now with the current hullabaloo in the US and Europe, financial commentators are now telling us to factor in the implications of a GFC II.

But does the extra media coverage make people more nervous, and does it lead them to make panic-driven decisions? The issue exists; I am not saying it doesn’t, but I wonder whether there needs to be more effort to educate and reassure the small time investors. The small time investors that have three or four black zero’s in their balance column, not the column owners who have six or nine. Who knows what will happen, yet another waiting game…


One Response to the global financial crisis

  1. mbcoudal says:

    Great post. So True. I don’t want to panic. But neither do I want to be patronized. I just need to understand my own little nest egg. Is it safe? Okay, then fine, “remain calm and carry on.”

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