lovin’ that US dollar

Yip thanks Mr Obama, I’m just loving your exchange rate at the moment. We kiwi’s are used to it being about 50 – 55c or thereabouts. But with the continuing roller coaster ride the world economy is experiencing, our exchange rate with the greenback is currently sitting at about 88c to the dollar.

It’s just heavenly if you like to shop online at places like Amazon, StrawberryNet, and iShopUSA. But my most recent trip was to Zenni Optical to hunt out a new pair of prescription glasses. And believe me, enter here at your own risk. Late last year I picked up a new pair of glasses with my personal prescription and anti-reflective coating for NZ$55. The last pair I bought in New Zealand (with the same prescription and lens treatment) cost me about $800!

I’ve been wanting another pair for home – something a bit fun and different. After half an hour of looking I decided on funky blue & purple frames — complete with a retro half circle design thrown in for good measure. And wait for it… a mere NZ$50 and that includes postage and packaging. Thanks Zenni Optical – you rock!


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