the price of vegetables

There is all this hullabaloo about the cost of vegetables; headlines like “fruit and vegetable costs up by 12.2% for June!” Tomatoes are the media’s most popular example at the moment – $14 per kilo at the supermarket or $8.49 per kilo at the local farmers market.

But if you are like me, you prefer to shop at a local growers market. Avert your eyes from the tomatoes and you can buy a massive pumpkin for $2. It’s currently 8 degrees celsius outside with a nice brisk southerly that only Wellington knows how to turn on. Given the choice I would pick a bowl of steaming hot soup over a lettuce salad with tomatoes on top at this time of year. One pumpkin cut up and made into soup can easily feed a family of four and at 50c per head, that’s a bargain in my opinion.

But back to the price of vegetables. It has not really affected me, nor has the political campaigning about removing GST (a Government Goods & Services Tax of 15%) because the growers at my farmers market don’t apply GST to their produce. As long as you get there bright and early, you can pick from the biggest and the best produce. Oh and if you want a real treat, one grower the other day had a special of three mangoes for $4.

2 Responses to the price of vegetables

  1. berlina says:

    For the first time i have seen the price of veggies on a blog.
    I just love the way you write.
    Humor and everything that goes with it.
    Keep it up and have fun.

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