the mature student

There must be many advantages and disadvantages to being a mature student, but right now I need to concentrate on the positives. Several things have become clear as I have been progressing through my study regime.

The older I get, the more important I think it is to keep learning. Learning is not necessarily just the traditional tertiary study. It may be developing a new skill like wine tasting night classes or coaching a junior sports team. It keeps the brain cells lubricated and working.

I get to apply real-life examples and experiences to my study. This makes the practical application of text book theory easier by being able to come up with relevant events and issues in today’s world.

The lost art of spelling.  I’m convinced it’s something that can make your assignment or exam answer stand apart from the rest. But it’s not just spelling, word comprehension is even more important – thank goodness for

And finally, not making use of the government student loan scheme. It certainly focuses the mind and keeps my study timetable firmly on track! $700 + text books is a lot of money to throw away on a whim of “it’s okay, I can catch up on that chapter next week.”


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