being a good samaritan

Being the coolest little capital in the world*, Wellington gets the opportunity to host many international and national visitors. They arrive into my city by air, cruise ship, campervan, bus and various other modes of transport.

Lost souls are easy to find and I always try to help if I spot one. A lost soul is one of the aforementioned visitors, usually clasping a streetmap, desperately trying to find a street sign. I ask you – how can a visitor appreciate all the city has to offer if they are spending the entire time walking round in circles?

Helping a lost soul is easy and it only takes about 30 seconds. First ask if they are lost, then find their location on the map they are clasping, and finally point them in the right direction. Off they go with a smiles on their faces. I’ve done it three or four times in the last fortnight and each time the people have been grateful. It’s only a small act of kindness but hopefully reflects well on Wellington and its image.

* Lonely Planet 2011


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