would it be a crime?

Plinky asked: if you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

I would steal money and give it to homeless people so they don’t have to live on the cold, lonely city streets. Most people including myself always walk straight past them. They are the part of our society that we pretend doesn’t exist. Unfortunately though they are real people. They are homeless for a variety of reasons — financial pressures, no family/friend support network, while some choose that way of life.

I’ve noticed we now have a new homeless man living in the city. He spends most of his time sleeping outside Whitcoulls or Farmers on Lambton Quay which I am sure the shop owners do not like. He seems to be well set up though with a big blanket, pillow and he usually wears a beanie. On the colder nights he makes an igloo out of cardboard boxes.

It is sad to know that despite the fact we live in a relatively affluent country, there are people who have no family or home to go to each night, and where they have to beg for money to buy food.


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