childhood memories

I love how old photo’s bring back memories that have been long since forgotten. I’ve been tidying up my treasures box which is full of things I can’t bear to throw out. Things like a ball of creamy-white homespun mohair wool that my grandmother (or perhaps great-grandmother) spun, my high school uniform (shudder), the icing flowers that decorated my 21st birthday cake, and even my mother’s nursing graduation photos.

The photo that really made me smile though was of me when I was about five years old. I was sitting in a cardboard apple box on the back lawn. The box was my boat and two cricket wickets were my oars. I was rowing away from home because my two older brothers had been particularly horrible to me that day.

I can’t remember what they had done but I do remember rowing for my life. I did not get far and fortunately my mum came and rescued me and, I’m sure, made good the woes of one sad five year old.


One Response to childhood memories

  1. That’s a beautiful little post, and one that really made me smile.
    I, too, have little treasures that I simply can’t bear to throw out – much to dear Husband’s misfortune. Dear Husband doesn’t like clutter. I do though… I am lucky enough to have my own space in my house to house them. (Including his treasures as well!)

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