effort equals a pleasant day

I don’t know whether it is my work style that’s mellowing or that I am becoming more intolerant of people’s bad attitudes. But honestly – how hard is it to be friendly and give someone a smile on their way through the office.

Several times this week, I’ve had work colleagues come out with statements that do nothing to engender a sense of team spirit and workplace cooperation. Things like “who’s a#s do I need to kick to get this progressed?!” or “just give them the evil eye to scare them off” The latest one was “I don’t care who they think they are, it’s their b*%@#y job” which left me shaking my head in wonder. (actual word substituted)

I know people in my sort of role have to make sure they’re not treated like a doormat, but you still need to maintain that balance of friendly professionalism. We make or break the office image and if we look good so too does our boss (or so I thought anyway).


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