eeek it’s exam time

I am counting down to my exam in a couple of weeks. Pfft I hear you say, what’s three hours? Quite a long time for someone who dislikes exams.

Describing my state of mind as apprehensive is somewhat of an understatement. It’s been 11 years since I sat a formal exam and I still choke at the thought of having to do another one. Three hours in which to recall all the theories, concepts and models that we have been taught. Three hours in which I must write coherently so that the marker understands my thought processes.

However, I am confused. To pass the exam I must achieve at least 40 per cent, but in order to pass the course I need a combined mark of at least 50 per cent. Since when did a D (40-49 per cent) move from being a ‘fail’ to a ‘pass’? Perhaps it is to do with the theory that by removing the need to learn/recall facts, society is not put in the situation of having ‘failed’ something.

Despite my nervousness about examinations, I still think there is a time and place for them. Equally so for internal assessments and given the choice I’ll pick the latter every time. Unfortunately I have no choice this time so I’ll be there bright and early with at least three blue pens incase I run out of ink.


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