the desk personality

For the past couple of days I have been looking after two senior managers because B came down with the flu. Sharing my time between the two desks got me thinking about people’s desk personality.

Peoples desks are sacred (much like handbags) and everything that is placed within their reach or line-of-sight has sentimental value or a particular use. B for example, has photos of her whanau, a collection of small soft toy animals, and a phone list. C who sits in an office nearby has a collection of cows – ornaments, soft toys, and coffee mugs which I think are an overflow from a previous role she held relating to animal and food products.

But being a short term contractor my desk is somewhat sparce and I have no cute toys, knick-knacks, or photos tacked to my wall. This is probably because I’m only looking after the desk as an interim measure and I know it’s not really my desk. Perhaps I could make more of an effort to personalise it, infact I probably should ‘cos I am usually minding a desk for at least a couple of months.

Food for thought anyway – and something to think about between now and when my next job placement comes along.


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