study, study and more study

Seriously? I’m doing my best to stay focused for the last four weeks of my current management paper but the emails have already started, urging me to enrol for next semester.

Keeping on track with study was never going to be a walk in the park but some days all I want to do is throw my textbooks out the window. While my friends all have exciting weekend plans, the best I can do is a long walk each morning and depending on the study timetable perhaps a lunch out. The rest of the time I spend with my nose in a textbook trying to understand some random concept or theory dreamt up by someone who loves to use big complicated words.

It’s on days like this that I have to remind myself I’m over 50 per cent towards reaching my goal. Studying and working full time is hard but it must be worth it in the end, surely? The ironic thing is that I probably won’t know what to do when I have my weekends back. Oh well — I guess it’s back to the books…


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