KFC double down sandwich

I try to be good and take my lunch to work each day but every now and then I treat myself to a cheese scone. So the other day I wandered into my local Wishbone shop to see if there were any left on the shelf. Lucky for me there was as well as some low-fat date scones.

I have wondered for a long time how they define their low-fat scone and muffin range. So I asked and after rummaging around under the counter the shop assistant finds the nutrition sheets for all the baked goodies they sell. She hands it over to me with a wry smile and a “you’re not going to like what you read.”

She was correct and it was one of those days where I was lost for words. My favourite cheese scone comes in at a massive 860 calories along with a  very high fat content. The low-fat date scone comes in slightly lower at 840 calories. I was flabbergasted! Needless to say I didn’t buy the cheese scone. But here is the clincher – nutritionists and dietitians  are slamming KFC for the new double down chicken sandwich, (2 chicken fillets, 2 cheese slices , rasher of bacon & sauce but no bread bun). But guess what… their bun-less burger only clocks in at 560 calories.

So based purely on the amount of energy (calories / kilojoules) these items provide, would you pick the double-down sandwich or the cheese scone? Just quietly… I really want to try the chicken burger just so I can say “yes I’ve had one and yes I enjoyed it.”


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