energy drinks

It did not surprise me to read yesterday that our esteemed Members of Parliament in Australia and New Zealand have commissioned a review into caffeinated energy drinks. Apparently there are a number of health concerns surrounding these products that need to be investigated further. “ya think?”

It’s easy to convince yourself that these drinks are healthy. After all they include ingredients such as Taurine to regulate your heart beat, Ginseng to increase energy levels, Ginkgo Biloba which aids memory retention, L-Carnitine to increase your metabolism rate, antioxidents and acai berry to eliminate free-radicals from your body, and various other vitamins, minerals and herbs.

But then there is the caffeine and sugar. Caffeine in various forms such as verba mate, methylxanthines and guarana are common. The trendy new 60ml energy shots are reported t0 contain about 200mg of caffeine which is about two and a half expresso coffees. And the sugar — assuming you’re not drinking an artificially sweetened version — where an average 250ml can has about 40 grams of sugar (10 teaspoons).

Despite all of this, they have their place — in moderation as with everything else the marketers try to tempt us with. It’s just a shame that the definition of moderation is such a hard concept to grasp.


4 Responses to energy drinks

  1. Good post! Very good post. I should sent it to my husband. He drinks V, but in his defence – he doesn’t actually drink any other drinks like tea/coffee etc.

    • kiwiflossnz says:

      lol – funny cos he was the first person I thought of when I started writing the post. But 10 tsp of sugar per can … eeeek that is a lot!

  2. Cheska says:

    That’s a lot of sugar in a drink. But there are now a lot of other drinks that have only real fruit juice. Maybe it’s just a matter of what brand to get?

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