explain this one

Fate, the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events according to the dictionary. However you define it, something was going on yesterday. Every now and then I make use of www.donatenz.co.nz to give away items to deserving charities — a brilliant concept and more people should give it a go.

The boss and I have just finished moving offices and out of his cupboard appeared six satchels / laptop bags from his previous OIE conferences for “me to find a good home for please.” I’ve been a bit frustrated because I tried to load them last week (unsuccessfully I should add). So I had one last try yesterday morning and it worked. Within an hour of publishing my ad the first question had popped up in my inbox.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Orca Research accepted my donation. They are all about protecting the orca and its environment through conservation, education and scientific research. OIE – well that’s the original name for the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Spooky huh! And if that doesn’t impress, try this one… I’ve recently found out that one of the ladies who I’ve just started working with, owns an apartment in my building and it’s on the same floor as me.


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