the agony of referencing

I have spent this weekend having a crash course in learning the intricacies of APA referencing and in-text citations. If you think that sounds painful, you would be right. It’s all the name of ensuring I can not be accused of plagiarism.

So I merrily started composing my first essay answer. Unfortunately, half way through the second line, I realise that I need to make reference to the theory I just quoted. Stop, step away from the keyboard! Now that my train of thought has been interrupted, I duly press Crtl-End to send my cursor to the bottom of my document. Alt-Tab to OWLL and try to decide where my full stop, comma, brackets and quotation marks should be placed. With that decision made, now I need to decide whether the title should be italised – definitely yes if the author is stated, but definitely not if the author is not named.

With all that done, I can return to writing my essay. Perhaps I should rephrase that, I can return to writing until I next have to stop and reference someone else’s work. Why can’t the academics stick to simple options like footnotes and endnotes. Readability (“Readability,” n.d.), the ease with which printed matter can be read for a sustained period, would be much improved.

Reference: Readability, (n.d.). In Retrieved April 17, 2011, from


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