road rage

I don’t like to vent here on my little blog but what is it about the increase in aggro and attitude aimed at cyclists and pedestrians. On Sunday mornng I saw an old lady slowly crossing the road and because she had not made it all the way across in time, the car waiting to move on tooted his horn at her.  What is that going to do? Nothing, she’s an old lady – chill out buddy, you only need to wait another 2 or 3 seconds.

Or the fancy cars who like to express their frustration at cyclists in the city. Sitting on your horn looking like a womble is not going to earn you any kudos from nearby drivers. 99 per cent of the cyclists I see obey the road rules and they are now started following the advice of “owning your lane”. If there is not enough biking space alongside a stream of moving cars, then you should own the lane and bike down the middle of your particular lane.

Interestingly enough, I never see the aggression and attitude from drivers in the morning when I go walking. Rubbish trucks give way to me crossing the street, car drivers wave me through, and the cyclists are courteous and polite on shared foot/bike path areas. It just seems that come the weekend, when the sun comes up, out come the looney drivers just waiting to find some poor unsuspecting person to vent their frustrations on. Take a chill-pill people, leave the car at home and walk to the corner store instead.


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