April Fool’s Day

I usually pick up on email scams but not the other day. Every day I receive an email from Air New Zealand telling me about the cheap seats on offer via their GrabaSeat website. Friday’s email had me quite excited when I read the heading: Pay What You Weigh.

Introducing grabaseat’s latest innovation: PAY WHAT YOU WEIGH. The bean counters tell us more weight = more fuel = more cost, so we are introducing a new pay what you weigh fare.. Simply put, for every kilo you weigh we will charge you $1 (price adjusts with age). When booking you will be required to enter your weight. You will then be charged based on the total kg’s entered. Yes, we will check when you get to the airport – in fact check in will now be referred to as weigh in. We’ll collect any additional fare due at that time so make sure you lay off the pies and Tim Tams before you travel!

I clicked through to the calculator and entered my age and weight and it came up with $38. Brilliant I thought, but my friend K burst my bubble later that afternoon when she texted me to say it had been a hoax 😦 

Yes they got me, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I checked back into the calculator today and it’s been replaced with a message blaming it on a new guy called Carl. Well done Air New Zealand, as far as April Fools jokes go that was a beautie!


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