being a worry wart

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday  ~ anon

The little bug, that inner voice that defies logic and turns a rational person into a worry wart. So why do people worry and how do you stop? If I knew the answer to that answer then I’d be a millionaire.

People usually worry about things or situations they cannot control. What happens if it rains tomorrow? What will they think if I don’t accept the party invitation? Is he having an affair? What happens if they don’t like me?

Worrying wastes personal energy and is unlikely to fix the problem and/or make it disappear. It might keep the brain busy with thoughts, but who wants a head filled with negativity and self-doubt. Some wise soul once asked me “will you remember what you’re worrying about in six months time? If the answer is no, then let it go ‘cos you can’t change the outcome.”

And why this post today? I’m going to a second interview for a two month contract job this morning. *fingers crossed*


2 Responses to being a worry wart

  1. Best of luck on the interview! …and no worrying!

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