such a weird feeling

Being at home during the week is such a weird feeling but funnily enough, it does not have the same feel  that a weekend day has. Not quite sure why. I’m between temping assignments but I still made the effort to get out of bed at the usual time and get ready for work just incase the phone rang this morning.

But I have been busier today than I would on a usual Saturday morning. Already I have been for my early morning walk, made a batch of low-carb muffins, cleaned the bathroom and got a good hour’s study done… and it’s only just morning tea time! It is easy to see how people sitting at home all day every day could get demotivated and turn into couch potatoes.  If there is nothing to get out of bed for, why wouldn’t you spend all day in your PJs watching infomercials and the soaps.

Any thought of applying for jobs would seem daunting especially if you’ve had a few rejection letters. Problem with those is the more you get, the more your self-confidence drops. I’ve got Seek and Trade Me set up for daily emails notifying me of possible new opportunities so I can tick that off the to-do list. Next on the list is deciding whether to, and with how many, agencies I should register with. I know its only early days, but better to have all the bases covered I’m thinking.


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