the universe will provide

At the beginning of this year I decided to return to the world of contracting. As I am the queen of detail and a poster girl for planning, you will not be surprised when I tell you that giving up a well paid fulltime job was a very hard decision to make.

My current contract has just finished and I have really enjoyed my time there. The challenge of hitting the ground running and finding out who’s who in the zoo real fast is exhilarating. The reward is being able to give a job 100 per cent commitment and not have to buy into the inevitable office politics.

The only part that I am a little worried about is the ‘what happens next’ question. I don’t have the next assignment confirmed yet but I am working on the theory that the universe will provide. Everyone keeps telling me it will be okay and I should not worry – the nature of contracting is that something will always come up at the last minute. It’s a great theory but bills still need to be paid and the last time I checked, my local supermarket does not accept monopoly money.

But I’m doing my best to stick with the positive thinking… and hey, my cupboards are well stocked so I won’t go hungry.


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