the generous kiwi spirit

Some use the garden shed, some have a surfboard, while others may seek out a quiet park bench. No matter where it is, everybody has their own metaphorical hermit hole, the place they go to recharge batteries and replenish the soul.

Given the events of the past few weeks,  this will be more important than ever. The disasterous events of 22 February in Christchurch and again yesterday in Japan has reminded us of Mother Nature’s power. She tightens her grip on Earth and cities are flattened.

But the kindness and support I have seen New Zealanders providing is heartening and restores my faith in humanity. The work of the UC Student Volunteer Army is amazing – removing silt from peoples back yards and gardens, furniture removal, delivering chemical toilets, sand-bagging the Avon, and organising charity sports events are just a few things they have done lately. Big up’s guys, you are all doing an amazing job.

Other examples of good kiwi spirit is people offering their home up as a free holiday house, play centres not charging fees for displaced Christchurch children,  baking armies all over New Zealand delivering yummy goods to the people of Christchurch, or care parcels put together by young school children. Even the big corporates are stumping up with valuable support. It’s kiwi kindness at it’s best and it makes me proud to be one.


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