coffee, sugar and milk

Not sure whether I should put this one in the creative thinking, male logic, or nice try category.

My boss at the moment has been very proud to report that he has reduced the sugar in his coffee from two and a generous half teaspoons down to one. I thought that was quite good considering the coffee machine makes a very strong brew with freshly ground beans — and they are not big coffee cups.

So why has there been more dessertspoons being left in the kitchen sink lately? Well I caught him out yesterday. Now what we do is instead of using a teaspoon, we use a half filled dessertspoon of sugar. He assures me it is about the same as one teaspoon. 

I’ll give him eight out of ten for inventive thinking but unfortunately that is about it. I have just measured it out at home with my cutlery, and half a dessertspoon of sugar equals approximately… wait for it… two teaspoons. Better luck next time boss!


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