does honesty pay

How many times have you been asked “Can I have your honest opinion about [insert subject]? by a friend or colleague. It is always a dilemma for me because in my world there is only black and white, no grey. Unfortunately I tend to blurt things out before my brain has had a chance to think about it (foot in mouth syndrome is how I describe it). Sometimes, okay often, it gets me into trouble.

But getting back to the reason for this post… does honesty really pay? If I ask my best friend whether my new shirt looks terrible on me then I expect an honest answer. I’d much rather hear it from her than overhear snide comments about me while in the ladies.

Most people will do their best to avoid answering the hard questions, I assume in an attempt to keep the peace. It makes life easy, eliminates any friction in relationships and friendships, and you can be blissfully ignorant of what people actually think.


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