getting back to study

My motivation to study was seriously dented earlier this month when I attempted my first paper of 2011 – economics. Unfortunately noone told me I would need a good working knowledge of mathematics, in particular algebra. Now I’m not dumb but I’m also not a numbers girl. I’ll pick words over numbers every time. Honesty though, the algebra was like reading a foreign language and that was after trying to complete the idiots guide to understanding algebra.

So after much anguish and feeling like a failure, I submitted my application to withdraw from the course. Thank goodness they agreed and have now transferred me to the Organisation & Management paper. I’m looking forward to starting work on that this weekend. And guess what… I’ve had a quick flick through the textbook and I actually understand what they are talking about.

It’s quite a challenge being an adult student. Fitting study around full time work is not for the faint-hearted or the disorganised. I freely admit to being a planning/detail-queen but it just has to be done. Unless I work out exactly how much study I have to get through each weekend, there is no way I’d hit the assignment deadlines.   

So first up today is the definition of management and then a few focus questions to bed down the learnings. Happy days.


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