jewelry rules

We all love jewelry. Sparkly diamonds, gold, or colourful stones — it’s sought after and worn by everyone. But what happens when you have too much or you don’t know what to wear with what? How do you mix different pieces but not look like a four year old has dressed you? What’s always puzzled me is whether there is a rule for necklaces and earrings, so I put Mr Google to work and found a few expert’s tips.

The most popular one seems to be make one statement at a time. By that they mean if you are going to wear large prominent earrings, then the necklace should be plain and unassuming. The reverse also applies — a big, bold necklace should be teamed up with small or modest earrings.

Another question is whether to wear gold and silver together. Once upon a time it was the ultimate faux pas, now it’s a case of anything goes so long as the styles match. Similar weight necklaces in gold and silver will look great, but a fine gold chain together with a thick silver necklace may not give you the image you’re aiming for. 

The final tip is around matching sets, the ones with a necklace, bracelet, earrings and even a ring. Just because they all came in the same box does not mean you should wear them all at the same time. Perhaps wear the necklace and bracelet on the same day, or the earrings and bracelet, or perhaps the necklace and ring.

No matter what the experts tell you, you own your style and you should wear what makes you feel good.


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