a tissue or hanky

A random post but it’s good to throw a bit of randomness into life sometimes. The common handkerchief (pronounced hang-ker-chif) have been around forever but became a fashion item in the 16th century.

I believe there is something rather quaint about handkerchiefs, and despite the fact that most people view them as old-fashioned, I like them. They are able to be washed and reused hundreds of times – tissues on the other hand are one use wonders. There is more scope for the fashion conscious hanky user such as the practical white cotton option; the funky bright and colourful option; the pretty but not practical silk option; and the serious Dad-sized hanky option.

There are advantages to tissues too. They’re cheap, some come with a nice fragrance such as lavender, and they are sold in various sizes packets/boxes. Their advantages however do not make up for the havoc they play in the washing machine when you forget to empty your pockets.

So next time one is needed… will you reach for a hanky or tissue?

3 Responses to a tissue or hanky

  1. My dad used to take hankies every day to work and we had to iron them after they came out of the wash (back in the day). I would have to reach for a tissue since we don’t have hankerchiefs any more.

  2. kiwiflossnz says:

    hehe – I like a hanky but am allergic to ironing boards 🙂 I remember Mum ironing all the hankies each day when I was younger.

  3. Hankies are old fashioned – I should know, I am one! Actually it was my owner that was old fashioned which is why I have run away. Have a look at my blog and Facebook page to find out more!

    Great to see people posting about Hankies – good work!

    Old Fashioned Hanky

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