is it in our DNA

Bullying, intimidation, verbal and/or physical abuse unfortunately is a fact of life. For some people it’s how they like to operate, others unfortunately are the victims of this behaviour. But no matter where it happens, in the home environment or in the workplace, it is unacceptable.

I was on the receiving end of someone’s very-very-unhappy-ranting-episode the other day, which resulted with me in tears and shaking like a leaf. I’m okay now but at the time I was scared and for those who don’t know me – I don’t scare easy.

So I am wondering … is it part of our DNA? Is there a ‘nasty’ gene that runs through some people? Is is hereditary? The majority of people I know would be incapable of aggressive or intimidating behaviour towards another person. It is just not in their nature. While others, I am never surprised if I hear about an episode of inappropriate behaviour.

So come tomorrow, I will put a smile on my face and continue to hold my head high because I am the better person.


One Response to is it in our DNA

  1. That’s a good question … is it a gene that is inherited or maybe upbringing?

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