if I won Lotto

What would you do if you won Lotto? I would say “bye bye bright city lights” and find a house in the country. My house, of course, will be on top of a hill so that I have stunning views from every window.

I am not overly fond of mowing lawns so I would have a couple of pet goats to keep my grass trimmed to a manageable level. I’d have lots of chickens and sell their eggs at the farm gate. Furthermore, my chicken coup would be a long way from the house ‘cos the roosters are very noisy beasties, particularly first thing in the morning. Selling eggs probably won’t cover the grocery bill so I would have to get a real job. A dog walking business would appeal, that way I could get my daily exercise and earn money at the same time. 

The other thing I am not fond of is being cold. To fix this problem I would buy an apartment in the Greek Islands, Santorini probably, and spend my winter months over there in the sun and warmth.

Best I go buy a lotto ticket or my dreams will never become a reality.


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