valuing family

This weekend I was reminded in the best possible way of the real value of families and what we do to make others feel special. A close friend of mine has just turned 30 and I was invited to her party on Saturday night. In addition to friends and work colleagues, a large number of her family travelled up from Dunedin to help celebrate her birthday. It was great to finally put faces to names after hearing so much about them all.

But what struck me more was how close her family are, despite it not being the typical “mum, dad & 2.5 kids”. She had her birth-mother, step-mother, and father’s partner there, not to mention cousins, grandmothers, in-laws and of course her Dad. They all stepped up to the challenge to make the weekend memorable for everyone.

As I come from a small family, being part of large family events are always treasured. Although I was not one of their family, I was made to feel welcome and did not feel awkward or out of place. It was a good reminder of the value of families and friends.


One Response to valuing family

  1. Leigh K Hunt says:

    And it was amazing to have you there with us too, Petal! Thank you for all your hard effort during the day, night, and next morning. Xoxo

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