talk or text?

Plinky asked: Do you prefer to talk or text?

If you had asked this question 20 years ago, the answer would have been “Text? The only text I know is what I see on the page of a book.” But times have changed and so has the way we communicate with others.

I think the immediate response of most people to Plinky’s question would be to talk. It’s more personal, you can get a straight answer quickly, and you know the message has been received by the other person.

However, it is not always convenient or possible to talk to the person when you need to. This is where texting has obvious advantages. Your boss might be on holiday and you really need to ask him a question. Instead of interrupting his family time, you could text him. He can then decide how important the question is, and reply at his convenience.

But what about when a quick question by text starts a ‘text conversation’. I am not a fan of these, mainly because I am not a fast texter. If you want to start a conversation, please just pick up the phone and ring me.

So I guess my response to Plinky is that I do both but it depends on the situation.

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