the cost of study

Last year I decided to restart my studies and finish my Diploma in Business. There are twelve papers to complete and each paper takes about 200 hours. Now 200 hours might not sound like much — infact it’s only a little over 8 days. The challenge however is fitting those 200 hours into a day that is already full with working, commuting, sleeping, eating, socialising, and family.

We are being encouraged by educators, our bosses and our peers to learn new skills and extend our intellectual capability. This is fine but why is it so expensive?

One of my papers cost $625 which is reasonable given the online resources, advice and staff that I am able to access. But what leaves me shaking my head in disbelief is the cost of the textbooks associated with the papers and the need to “buy the latest published edition”. They are not expensive per se but add up the cost of all the texts you need for your degree and it’s expensive!

Lucky for me I have tracked down some websites that may ease the pain of studying. Academy Books and  Book Renter are websites who will rent you the textbook you need, usually at half the price of buying it. Another one is a buy-back service offered through Vic Books. The final place I’d recommend are websites such as Trade Me, eBay and Amazon who all offer secondhand books for sale. If you are patient and start looking early, then you’re likely to find a real bargain. I found my secondhand economics textbook online and paid $50 (RRP $119.99). In another couple of months I will start searching for the next textbook I need which currently has a RRP of $149.99.

And don’t forget the [current] advantage of buying through Amazon at the moment. The USD / NZD exchange rate is really good, and you don’t pay GST.


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