office language

While sitting at my desk each day I get to hear a number of unusual words. Here are some that I’ve collected so far.

  • wowser is an excessively puritanical person
  • non-sequitur is a statement containing an illogical conclusion.
  • glad-hander is a smarmy individual who hugs a lot, gets too close and is generally over-friendly in an irritating way
  • bright-line rule is a clearly defined rule or standard, generally used in law, composed of objective factors, which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation.
  • pithy is used to describe comments that are brief, forceful and meaningful in expression.
  • adumbrate is to darken or conceal partially, to overshadow, or to outline/sketch.  
  • laissez-faire is a french word with broadly implies “let it be” or “let it alone.” In economic terms it means allowing industry to be free from state intervention, especially restrictions in the form of tariffs and goverment monopolies.

Sources:  Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary & Dictionary websites.


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